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bean shaped luxury

There’s big luxury and then there’s small luxury. One of my luxuries is freshly ground coffee on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t be bothered during a work week. It’s a good idea to identify what your small luxuries are because you get more luxury in your life without breaking your wallet or going round the world. It also helps if you remind yourself that it’s luxury and not just ordinary. Just like advertising increases perceived value, and hence real value, so can reminding yourself about your small, everyday luxuries. I believe. You could also call it fooling yourself, In which case I don’t mind.

a colorful morning in Manchester

sunny cup

Coffee in the morning means I avoid a 10:30 headache. But sunshine in the morning makes sure I’m off to a good, positive start. Coffee has become air, it doesn’t make a bad day better. There’s this thing about Sweden having high suicide rates partly due to the lack of sunshine, but I really have to find out if there’s any truth in that. It might just have slipped in and stayed as a fake truth. But sun is a magic doer.