I help companies in different industries identify and explore potentially valuable products, services and customer experiences. Doing this in a way that is smart, low-risk, full of learnings and with a sense of progress and momentum is how I add value to your organization.

I spend time and focus on three focus questions. What is our/a future business logic? Opportunities that can look dramatically different than today’s business. How to design ways to prototype these findings with users, the market, as opposed to intellectualise internally. And finally helping organisations update slightly, making space for the new in a way that works today: moving ahead and transforming.

How I help

We will work together. Companies looking for a quick and easy out need to look someplace else. I have yet to hear of anyone being successful. The only thing I see is companies starting all over again, delaying the inevitable, which is looking inside. I won’t hand over a ready solution, because best practises don’t exist. Only average ones. We will take simple steps. There are two parts in that: using simple methods and tools, and taking small steps. Lower risk and much more space for reflections and learnings. That’s it. I will add everything I have into a process that’s underpinned by these two pillars.