I help companies in different industries identify and explore potentially valuable products, services, customer experiences and lately more and more collaborations. Doing this in a way that is smart, low-risk, full of learnings and with a sense of progress and momentum is how I add value.

I spend time and focus on three focus questions. What is our/a future business logic? Opportunities that can look dramatically different than today’s business. How to design ways to prototype these findings with users, the market, as opposed to intellectualise internally. And finally helping organisations update slightly, making space for the new in a way that works today: moving ahead and transforming.

How I help

  • I can lead user centric innovation processes taking responsibility for ongoing communication, conceptualisation and prototyping, and requirement documentation
  • I facilitate groups, or stakeholders of a system, through initiatives and ambitions that require radical collaboration
  • I design and facilitate workshops with stakeholders, customers/users and collaborators as these constitute key parts of creating services that can be effectively implemented (getting to clarity around business requirements)
  • I help with research and user testing in order to better understand the problem space (getting to clarity around user requirements)
  • I help create research based customer journeys to really understand how and where to improve (creating an opportunity space)
  • I help grow a customer journey map into a service blueprints in order to understanding the ecosystems, platforms, processes and systems (getting clarity around mechanics – the feasibility of solutions)

I have a deep (and completely open, uncomplicated and non proprietary) toolbox for the design process. It’s part of the typical, and vast, design thinking toolbox.

I am not the person to produce design language, symbols and high fidelity mockups. I am the person that will help organisations understand why the above activities are central to business transformation and how to anchor this with leadership teams.