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what music looks like

Beautiful thing from Yuri Suzuki – what music looks like. I’d like to see this as an application that plays the music of your surrounding. Imagine temperature, light temperature, how tall the trees are, what color of building facades your surrounded by, weather etc. You see where you are, and can be recorded as a painting or photo with artists interpretation included, but sound is different.

Looks Like Music – Mudam 2013 from Yuri Suzuki on Vimeo.

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a colorful morning in Manchester

sunny cup

Coffee in the morning means I avoid a 10:30 headache. But sunshine in the morning makes sure I’m off to a good, positive start. Coffee has become air, it doesn’t make a bad day better. There’s this thing about Sweden having high suicide rates partly due to the lack of sunshine, but I really have to find out if there’s any truth in that. It might just have slipped in and stayed as a fake truth. But sun is a magic doer.