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finding the small, effective, changes amongst the routinely unnoticed

Builder norms and manliness

Striking how deeply ingrained certain things are, and hence how effective it is to break away from those pre-existing truths; mental and social. Like colors for example. Heavy duty stuff should be black and yellow. Hardhats too. Except for this one, demanding attention. Perhaps the company decided to chip in to the gender/socialisation issue. Perhaps Mr or Mrs boss bursted out in a meeting: unicorns shouldn’t be either pink or rainbow colored, and our bags are damn well not going to be orange and black!

It seems like it’s easier to think up big things, big changes, big ideas, big moves, big campaigns, big strategies, big plans. Finding the little things takes just as long to find because they are, per definition, smaller and harder to find. Now back to work, and change the small things that break away from the routinely unnoticed.

a colorful morning in Manchester

sunny cup

Coffee in the morning means I avoid a 10:30 headache. But sunshine in the morning makes sure I’m off to a good, positive start. Coffee has become air, it doesn’t make a bad day better. There’s this thing about Sweden having high suicide rates partly due to the lack of sunshine, but I really have to find out if there’s any truth in that. It might just have slipped in and stayed as a fake truth. But sun is a magic doer.