A chat over coffee is how it all starts, right? In person or with some Skype distance between us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel that I can help.

Base camp:

Organisation info
funny you should ask AB innehar f-skatt. Organisationsnummer: 556970-6525.
VAT-number SE556970652501.
Invoicing preferably via email, otherwise:
funny you should ask AB, Coldinutrappan 5, 112 28 Stockholm.

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(+46(0)732 487 282 (SWE) / +44(0)7856 097 338 (UK, seldom used))

  • Guest

    I like your show, but the fake Loud audience clapping and screaming is obnoxious. You could barely hear the questions and answers.

  • Tom

    Would love to see the people of color on the show stop giving racists answers. PRACTICE what you all preach on the news every day.