A chat over coffee is how it all starts, right? In person or with some Skype distance between us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel that I can help. Physically, I’m often at Maria Skolgata 83 (the old offices of Mojang game studio).

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funny you should ask AB innehar f-skatt.
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  • Guest

    I like your show, but the fake Loud audience clapping and screaming is obnoxious. You could barely hear the questions and answers.

  • Tom

    Would love to see the people of color on the show stop giving racists answers. PRACTICE what you all preach on the news every day.

  • Tamme Pompilio

    I love the show, but I find it to be discriminatory. Every single contestant is thin and nice looking, not one heavier set person or nir so good looking person!! I also find it funny that no one can email them about anything! The email link here didn’t fill in their email address! This is unjust and discrimination!

  • Raymond Fiumara

    Season 1 episode 143 the female contestant should of won the game she got the answer correct. Neil armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.

  • Robert Bruun

    Was watching episode the the asked what city Mall of America is in. They answered Minneapolis but the mall is in Bloomington, MN.


    The moneys not fair. Loser should theirs. Winter should get $200 if they get their first question right 500 if they get their second question right and 5000 if they get the third question right