Today, organisations need a new type of modus operandi – without throwing the baby out with the bathing water. They are finding themselves in an increasingly complex situation due to an old and new paradigm over-lapping. Technology, consumer power, behaviors, possibilities and challenges, all driven by connectivity. It’s wonderful, let’s chat!

I answer questions via 5 dollars. Cheap!

Things I do:

  • Ideation & Innovation
    I’m part of (co-founder and partner) a platform for ideation, innovation and business transformation that we call Co:LabX (Swedish). Our mission is to create and implement innovation capabilities in organisations and companies. We work as internal catalysts as well as external innovation partners. Through a strong focus on the how, we help design methods, process and implementation programs. Teams are always designed based on challenges and ambition. Industrial designers, business developers, anthropologists, innovation professors, service designers, CX, club heads.
  • Digital strategy & transformation
    An often misunderstood concept and activity. I help create a more holistic understanding of, and an organisation wide approach to, how “digital” impacts a brand and business today – A key priority. Yet still communications professionals see one thing, business analysts another and customer service team a third. Based on numerous projects, workshops, talks and discussions across geographies and industries – I suggest dedicating 2 hours for an initial discussion, and we can shine a new light (and see new possibilities) on digital.
  • Speaker and workshop engagement
    I love everything about how brands work, and I also love everything new that messes with that. Need to be more on your toes? Want inspiration regarding new possibilities and challenges? Want to get agitated (we’ll end up on a good note)? Share your nightmares, wishes, questions and thoughts and I’ll put together a package with punch. As hands-on workshop or just sit-still-brain-fill. After work, strategy days, managerial board meeting – occasions vary.

Workshop, Munich 2016, on Innovation Leadership

Typical workshop setting. Lean in and interactive, discussion based mixed with hands-on collaborative work