funny you should ask is a Stockholm based consultancy run by me, Olle Svensson. Having spent almost 15 years helping brands, organizations and individuals fit the technology piece into the transformation puzzle, my services are often described as digital transformation.

A bit simplified I spend time and focus on three focus questions. Helping figure out the future business logic, often drastically different than presently. Figuring out good ways to prototype these findings on the user side as opposed to trying to intellectualize our way to a conclusion, and finally helping organisations update slightly so as to make space for these new findings in a way that’s tolerable (desirable) and makes business sense.


Together with Co:LabX I help companies accelerate their innovation and transformation efforts, meaning designing a clear and manageable way forward, using methods and tools that move plans and discussions to clear actions and learnings to build on.

I’m an on and off speaker around the globe and an increasingly frequent (and varied) investor.

You can find a description of typical services provided under consulting.

Published posts by RSS-feed (no set frequency, english and Swedish).

You can reach me at olle [at] funnyyoushouldask [dot] biz, through the contact page or LinkedIn.

Past to present

Many years ago I fell into the marketing industry, much by chance. I was one of those, still fairly few, who knew code, SQL, object oriented analysis, digital touch point mapping and all that jazz. And marketing. With a more sociological interest (media cultural studies) in how a digital paradigm shift impacts people, organizations and society, marketing was indeed one place to be. From there I’ve moved to roles within brand strategy, through to service design and digital transformation.

Because things don’t fit nicely into departments and silos, moving across adjacent fields around business design has been a strength. Departments and silos are all affected by business transformation initiatives and my perspective and experiences greatly help in holistically anchoring these projects in leadership and c-level agendas.

One clear focus, multiple tools and methods

The user, consumer, customer, VIP etc has always been the focal (and starting) point. Whatever the challenge or focus question, start with the user to learn more and progress better. Tools vary depending on whether it’s been in brand strategy & planning, service design or digital strategy. Observational studies, cultural probes, stakeholder interviews, service blueprints or user experience prototypes etc, are all tools and methods I frequently use in a design thinking process. Perhaps the most frequently used is me walking with my camera. Human insights and “ahhh” moments are in the momentary cracks in the fabric that is reality.

Work within brand strategy, service design and innovation include companies like H&M, FedEx, Hyper Island, Dustin, Adobe, Doberman, Wired Consulting, Tele2 to name a few.